Classic American Caravans are amongst the most eye-catching and breathtaking appearances on the roads – all around the world. Airstream is one of those iconic brands building beautifull aluminium caravans.  As a promotional vehicle an Airstream is a guarantee for succes. Airstream Professionals has a large collection of different American Way Vehicles for your promotional tours or roadshows.

Not just Airstreams but Silverstreaks, Spartans, Boles Aero, Avion and FunTear as well. Our rental collection consists of different model years, sizes and interiors.  We provide in all sorts of vehicles like caravans, teardrops, motorhomes, schoolbusses and limo’s.

Airstream Professionals is specialized in roadshows all around Europe. You name it – we’ve been there. Need help with planning your tour or roadshow? Mail us at or cal +31 88 11 61 225