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We can get you every thinkable sort of Airstream and other brand Tin Cans. There is a wide variety out there. To give you inspiration we have a large collection of examples on display. Your trailer will be custom imported, converted and professionally restored. We specialize in everything that needs to be done. The one thing we do not do is stock units. That’s practically too complicated and would increase total cost considerably.

To be absolutely clear. We are not affliated in any way with Thor Industries or Airstream Inc. in the USA. We are an independant and unbiased company. We buy and sell worldwide with expert knowledge.

AirPro Team

René Leenders
Jochem Schot
Ton Van Egmond
Henny Kerkhof
Teun van Oorschot
Peter van Roosmalen
Coen Neervoort
Falco Eli
Simon Klepaczko


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what airstream is mine?

Airstreams are the one RV that were already hip when they were conceived in
the 1930’s. You can choose for a brandnew one or a spin-off like the Basecamp. Not enough budget? Consider a youngtimer! Classic shapes? Vintage Airstreams of all era are widely available. Bare in mind: the older they are; the more lightweight & the more collectable. Airstream Professionals is here to guide you and get your dream trailer road legal in Europe

not the only one

Airstream is not the only manufacturer of the Aircraft style trailers and they are also not the inventor of this specific species. They are the most renowed; that’s correct. Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s there were a lot of brands with all their own characteristics. Like Silverstreak, Spartan, Streamliner and even Boeing.

Nowadays some of the older brands came back on the markets. The Bowlus Road Chief and Silverstreaks are being produced again now. In Europe we have Funtear building aluminium structures.

At Airstream Professionals we can help you make up your mind. Based on some of your parameters we can give you an unbiased advice what trailer to buy best. A collectors item or a Vintage trailer of any kind might be your best choice. Or brandnew, youngtimer , custom?

Other Recent Work

Airstream Professionals did a lot of projects over the years. We have some examples in photography.

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