Airstream Bambi Basic

The European Airstream Bambi Basic is the debut of this iconic design symbol in this part of the world. First introduced in the 1960′s and acclaimed as one of America’s desgin symbols. It is the smallest Airstream available and with just 1080 kg it can be towed by any average European car like the VW Golf.he Bambi cleverly squeezes an end-washroom two-berth into just 4.14metres. How? The lounge, from which the double bed is made, is L-shaped. There’s plenty of floor space – and the central freestanding monopod table is easy to pick up and use outside whenever you wish.The door is offside, alongside the kitchen, and the fridge is opposite with a top ideally placed for your television. The washroom gives you a separate shower, a circular steel washbasin set into a white surface that stretches the full width of the little room. Under this is a large cupboard…
Climb aboard and you’ll immediately notice its minimalist styling. Stark red upholstery, white furniture, grey floor, metal-effect roller blinds on the wall lockers, bold red and black cushions.

It’s not just the decor that makes the Bambi different, of course. Inside, you feel, as well as see, the effect of the Airstream’s curved shape. It cocoons you in a cosy environment. Cosy, maybe, but the amount of floorspace in such a small caravan is amazing.
Equipment includes a water tank level indicator, Alde heating with programmable timer, fly blinds, door blind  and (an optional extra) pull-out awning.

The dining area in the Bambi

The word “extreme” can be used to describe a lot of the Bambi’s features. Its drawbar is extremely long, which goes a long way to explain the extreme stability on the road. And those rivets that are such a prominent feature of the styling seem to punctuate the whole structure, accentuating its aircraft-like lines. By now, with so much talk of “solid” and “chunky” you could be forgiven for thinking the Bambi is heavy. You’re in for a surprise – its weight is just 1080 kg. In the kitchen area you have two burners plus a Smev combination oven-grill. You have a circular sink – and just a small amount of working surface. Kitchen storage space is excellent. Under the sink is a double-door cupboard; there are two more cupboards at floor level, one of them under the oven.

The Bambi’s Kitchen

The style goes on: speakers are white, mounted into the sides of the front locker assembly.

Locker fronts are slatted brushed steel-effect. There’s more style in the delightful end washroom that’s amazingly large for such a compact caravan. The shower itself is enormous – and incorporates a seat into the plastic moulding.

The shower is separated from the rest of the washroom by a tough plastic pleated door that’s as much a design feature as a practical barrier. You get a large mirror on the entrance door and, usefully, three hooks for towels or clothing…

Lounge area in the Airstream Bambi

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Floorplan European Bambi

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